Kuni Lexus of Greenwood Village
Luxury has a "new" address - 5150 S Quebec St, Greenwood Village, CO

Welcome to the Kuni Lexus of Greenwood Village Image Gallery

Kuni Lexus of Greenwood Village is the first Lexus dealership in the nation to feature the new look of Lexus. 

Updated and more modern, this image reflects the recent updates in the Lexus model lineup.
Technology and luxury combine to make Kuni Lexus of Greenwood Village the model for all future Lexus dealerships.

Beautiful Water Wall at our main entrance

Inside the Service Drive

Unique History Wall on the 2nd level

2nd level guest lounge and pool table

Luxury has a 'new' address!

We invite you in to experience the new definition of luxury ownership at our state-of-the-art, eco-friendly facility in Greenwood Village.

Guest waiting area
First level guest waiting area
Complimentary snacks and refreshments
Complimentary self-serve snacks and refreshments
Second level guest concierge
2nd level concierge and guest services area.
Enjoy complimentary snacks and refreshments.
Check out an iPad during your stay!