Kuni Lexus of Greenwood Village
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    1. Kuni Lexus of Greenwood Village

      5150 S. Quebec Street
      Greenwood Village, CO 80111

      5150 S. Quebec Street
      Greenwood Village, CO 80111

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5150 S Quebec Street  |  Sales:(888)918-4078  |  Service: (888)918-8637

About The Kuni Automotive Company

About Kuni Auto's BMW, Lexus, Honda & VW Dealerships in San Diego, Sacramento, Portland, Seattle & Denver

Wayne Kuni and Greg Goodwin
An interesting thing happens when you begin as a family-owned company: you tend to treat every customer as part of the family. Building personal relationships. Looking out for their interests as well as your own. Doing what's fair. Forty-two years after Wayne Kuni opened his very first car dealership, that's still the way it feels to walk into a Kuni store today.

Kuni Automotive currently operates 14 luxury dealerships in four western states with over 1000 employees. Our company has grown and thrived over the years, thanks to an unwavering focus on our guests and associates, savvy product alignment, insightful location development, meaningful community involvement, lots of hard work and just a little bit of good fortune.

Our story began in 1970, when Wayne Kuni took the risk of a lifetime. After working 15 years as the Investment Manager for Motors Holding, a division of General Motors, Wayne left to open Kuni Cadillac in Beaverton, Oregon. Over the next 35 years, through a series of well-planned acquisitions, Wayne Kuni leveraged that one dealership into a successful holding company with nine locations in four different states, and employing over 850 people. 
We're proud that our company has earned not only the respect of our customers, but that of our employees, our manufacturers and even our competitors. Every day, we are inspired and challenged by the single standard that drives everything we do here at Kuni Automotive: We are Powered by Excellence.