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      5150 S. Quebec Street
      Greenwood Village, CO 80111

      5150 S. Quebec Street
      Greenwood Village, CO 80111

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5150 S Quebec Street  |  Sales:(888)918-4078  |  Service: (888)918-8637

Efficient-Market Based Pricing
A message from Gregg Stone, President and General Manager

We value and respect your time as a guest of Kuni Lexus of Greenwood Village. We commit to you that we will make the most of every moment of your time spent with us.

We believe that the auto industry should be an efficient-market, with full knowledge and transparency on both sides of a transaction. Coupling this with the respect for your time, we have adopted an efficient market based pricing strategy. This strategy ensures that all of our guests are treated with the utmost respect and concern for your time. We want to ensure that our guests can feel comfortable with the price that they pay and that no one is at an unfair advantage due to negotiating skills or the time committed for research.

We promise to be as innovative in our business practices as we are in the design and implementation of our new building. We will continue to strive to deliver world class customer service and ownership experience. We have listened to our guests, and through the years we have heard one very common theme. The negotiating process is the least comfortable part of purchasing a new vehicle.

So we have made it easy.

Our commitment is to do the research and negotiation for you by showing comparisons and a fair market price on all of our models. This research will be done every week to provide you, our valued guests, with the most up to date and fair pricing available. The factors taken into consideration are availability, model, color, option packages, and seasonality.

We are confident that you will appreciate our efforts in reducing your time spent and stress in your transaction. Enjoy your new vehicle.

Happy and safe motoring,

Gregg Stone
President and General Manager
Kuni Lexus of Greenwood Village